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Application Management is complicated but necessary. By eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as media management, manual application installation and configuration, and license management, your IT department can spend less time on application management and more time on core business needs and improving your bottom line.

Prepare your applications for migration to new versions of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office

Ensure your suite of applications, documents and templates are ready. Engage our Application Readiness and Microsoft Office Readiness services to inventory, rationalise, assess compatibility, and perform required remediation in preparation for your pending Windows rollout.

Configure and deploy your applications automatically

To help you reduce your support overhead, our Application Packaging experts are able to quickly and efficiently convert your applications into industry standard packages that can be deployed automatically and managed from a central location.

Packaging can also be used to overcome your application compatibility issues. With tools such as App-V and ThinApp, applications that may be holding up your Windows rollout can be remediated to work in the new environment.

A customised Software Asset Management (SAM) process

Are you finding it difficult to manage your software assets? Let us help you out. Partnered with Microsoft and Citrix, we can assess your current SAM process and create a SAM baseline, or design, build and deploy a new SAM solution for your IT team to manage new and existing applications.

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