Application Packaging

If you are looking to standardise and automate your desktop application installation processes, then you’re probably already considering application packaging.

Application packaging (also known as Software Packaging) is a way of capturing all your business specific software installation and configuration requirements, and distributing exactly the same configuration quickly, easily and automatically, each and every time.

Packaging delivers you cost savings by reducing the effort required to maintain software applications in your environment. It enables your IT teams to better spend their time on other business objectives. Packaging captures your business specific installation and configuration requirements and rebuilds them into a single, customised installer that is ready for deployment. This ensures that software installs in a consistent manner, does not conflict with other applications, and can be deployed without user intervention.

Thousands of hours of packaging experience

You need to be confident that packages that you deploy will not disrupt your staff by causing downtime. We can provide you with that assurance.

By packaging in excess of 5000 applications for many of Australia’s largest and most diverse organisations, we have the experience that you need. Our continually expanding Application Packaging experience translates into a high quality, robust and efficient service which we believe cannot be matched by other organisations.

A service model to suit you

We understand that everyone is different and that what suits one client is likely to not suit the next. Our service structure can be personalised to meet your requirements. From providing you with just a packaging service, through to a more customised experience, at ZettaServe we can build a delivery model aimed at producing the best possible packaging experience for your time frame and budget.

Package Management

Any service model you choose is supported by our comprehensive online package monitoring and reporting system, ZettaServe PackageManager. This unique system provides your organisation with real-time information on packaging progress, and allows you to submit new packaging requests online. It is also able to provide complex metrics for project and service level reporting.

Packaging for every IT environment

Whether your business runs an older Windows platform, or the latest virtual environment, we have experience in packaging for it. If you have Linux or Mac OS X, we can also help you realise the benefits of application packaging. Here are some common packaging formats we deliver:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI)
  • Microsoft App-V (formerly Softgrid)
  • Symantec SWV
  • Linux RPM
  • Apple Installer Package (PKG)
  • SaaS Application Packaging Standard (APS)
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Citrix XenApp

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